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Establishing Your Legal Rights

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In the state of Georgia, if you have never been married to the mother of your biological child, even though you are on the birth certificate, you need to obtain legal rights through the courts to receive legitimation. This means that before seeking legal rights such as custody and visitation, you need to have already been legitimized as the child’s father.


Legitimation also gives your child the right to inherit and, in some cases, the right to receive benefits from you as if you and the child’s mother had been legally married.

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Our Approach To


Whenever you child is involved in family law cases, our priority at Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, is always the best interests of your child.  If you as the child’s biological father believe that having custody over your children is in their best interest, we will advocate for you.


Cara Sprouse Rowe has over 25 years of litigation experience which enables her to navigate the Courtroom in her client’s case. She has litigated for fathers in Superior court cases, winning custodial rights for fathers. For some fathers, there is a need for a court defined parenting plan for the fathers to have guaranteed time with his child/children because the mother uses the children as weapons.