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Child Support

We Help You Understand


The purpose of child support is to pay for the essential costs of parenting. However, the actual expenditures can easily be higher than what child support covers. Our clients frequently have questions about expenses such as:

  • Transportation costs
  • Travel
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Child Care expenses
  • Medical Expenses


The law office of Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, assists you in understanding how much money you can expect to pay or receive while staying in accordance with the guidelines. Furthermore, we can discuss your situation with you in detail and help you determine whether there may be a reason to go outside the guidelines. There are always going to be exceptions, and the family courts take justifiable reasons into consideration for going beyond the guidelines.

If contempt issues arise with child support orders such as payments being late or payments not being made at all, we can help you get the payments you deserve. We can also assist you with making formal court requests for modification of child support if circumstances change.

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Our Approach To

Child Support Cases

Working on behalf of parents throughout Augusta, Martinez, and the surrounding Georgia communities, Cara Sprouse Rowe can help you obtain child support litigation needs such as childcare costs, parenting time allocation, and other children’s expenses.


Throughout the proceedings, the overall welfare of your child is the highest priority. There can be disagreements over the amount of support needed, but parents generally agree that their child deserves financial security. Mrs. Rowe will help you get the financial support you need to raise your child.