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Father’s Rights

Augusta Lawyer Fighting for Your

Legal Rights as a Father

At Cara Sprouse Rowe, Attorney at Law, we understand how important it is for children to grow up with their father. We are also aware the challenges most men face when seeking a fair and fulfilling custody agreement.


We can help you keep your rights as a father and maintain your relationships with your children. Whether you are seeking custody or visitation rights, Mrs. Rowe has the experience and the knowledge to pursue your best interests in court or through negotiation.

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Our Approach To

Father’s Rights Cases

Whenever your child is involved in family law cases, our priority is always the best interests of your child. While it may seem like mothers get preferential treatment in child custody matters, that is not the case. The courts are gender neutral and will side with the parent that is best equipped to sufficiently take care of your child, financially and emotionally.


If your child is in unsafe hands with the mother, we will fight in court to have your child be placed in the best situation for them. With a strong background as a courtroom lawyer, Mrs. Rowe knows the system well and is not afraid to employ more aggressive tactics when necessary.